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So If I want to run an aftermarket unit, do I just omit the step that deals with the Ven4 and just run RCA cables to the amp from the new head unit?
Here are the components I have:
1 alpine 4 channel amp, to drive front woofer and tweeter (mbquart component) through channel 1 and 2. Channel 3 and 4 for the rears.
1 alpine 2 channel amp for one sub.

So let me get this right....I'm in the process of installing now...I already got the head unit installed and the rca cable routed to the trunk.

cut and connect appropriate wires for the front woofer and tweeter from the oem amp and run those through my crossovers and then to the amp.

Do the same for the rears, but they are not components so just wire them directly to the amp and connect to channel 3 and 4...

Wire appropriate wires for the amp...throw away the stock amp...and here's is where I need your help fanatics!!!

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