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LOL....this thread has made me laugh a couple times. I am a true E46 nut........I always look back twice. Thanks for the laugh guys

a few more:

1. When you change your own oil/filter
2. Know all the torque settings for each DIY
3. Freak out when someone jacks up the car using the wrong spot(Got new tires and they jacked up my car using the LSD- I almost passed out)
4. You change your brake rotors/pads
5. You know ever detail of each model and can tell what year the car is just from the type of corner, headlights, tailights, and side markers.
6. You know all the tire sizes/offsets for each model
7. You go to the dealership with a list of solutions of any problems
8. You know the proper voltage for when the engine is on/off
9. You know the ODB codes by heart
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