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you know your a fanatic when...

After washing your car you avoid braking at all costs because of brake dust.

You get bitter or think it's funny when your friends ***** about high gas prices. You always think (or say in some cases), 'cry me a river, my baby needs premium.'

When a friend says that his car would beat your car in a race you respond with: "Maybe in a straight line, but I'll smoke you in the twisties."

Your friends can't believe you spent that much on that/those *insert mod here*.

You have an E46Fanatics.com sticker on something other than your car. (one of mine is on my nalgene)

You've come close to crashing while trying to identify the mods on an E46 that just went the other way on the highway.

You get a little upset when you see an E46 with amber corner lights.
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