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Originally Posted by SkipII
(There has probably been a thread about this in the past but thought I would take a shot at refreshing it. Here's my start

You know you're an E46 fanatic when:

You go the the BMW dealership and ask if they still have any leftover E46 shirts in the back stockroom rather than the E90 shirts on the rack.

You carry around a tube of CrazyGlue just in case your window trim decides to cut loose just before you pick up your date or a client (which is usually when it happens)

People ask you what kind of car you have and you say "An E46" rather than saying BMW 325, 330, etc., and then just stand there with a smug look on your face as they stare back with a puzzled look on theirs.

You actually know all the offset, wheel width and tire combinations for your car.

If you have to take your car to a garage and they take off the wheels, as they are getting ready to re-install them, you whip out a torque wrench preset to 87 lb/ft from your back pocket and say "I'll take it from here."

You don't like to drive a Lexus because there is not enough wind noise from the driver's side window.

You actually know where the battery is.

When you park your car in a parking lot, you park it away from everyone else and, as you walk away, you look back at it. Twice.
HAHAHAHA...funny stuff.
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