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Originally Posted by Accordguyintake
can someone help me with mine? i ordered the face-lift ones with Red/white/red from germany and they said it was plug and play, the whole bottom row wouldnt light up! well it did but very very very dimly, not enough to be seen from 1 foot away. It came with a euro-harness that i removed..can anyone help me out? BTW the brake lamps worked but they pulsated quickly and the borken tail-light indicater shown on the dash plz help!

They are DEPO
hmm, sounds like I have the same ones as you, but didn't have the problem with the dim tails (they do look rather dim if there's sufficient light outside, so make sure you check them out when it's really dark). As far as the flicker, the load resistors will solve that problem as well as your dash problem. Check out my post here for some install help, if you need more specifics, i can lend a hand:
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