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P0340 SES error-Intake Camshaft Position Sensor

Thanks Pigeon for this DIY but with no pics itís kinda hard for me to figure out how to do this.

NOTE: Don't bother opening your engine hood, as you will NOT be able to see the CPS sensor until you do steps #5 and 8.

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1. Intake Camshaft Position Sensor w/ cable (BMW part # 12147539165*
2. Position Sesnor O-ring (BMW part #12141748398)

*for 2004 and newer, the CPS part is different (I think?)

Some steps here are optional (if you have correct tools and small hands Ė tight spaces)
1. Allow car to cool down (overnight if possible), since you will be sticking your hands into hot compartments of the engine bay.
2. Unclamp 5 clips on Air Filter Top Cover (no need to remove the entire box)
3. With flat head screwdriver, pry off both metal Retaining Tabs on Mass Air Flow (MAF) 3Ē flex hose.
4. Wiggle off Air Filter Top Cover. Remove air filter and set both aside.
5. With 6mm Hex Socket Head, loosen MAF Hose clamps, and turn/swivel it up to allow space for you to access/see the electrical connector side of CPS.

6. Optional step: Remove Oil Filter top cover and oil filter using 36mm Hex Socket. Skip this step if you have correct tools that will allow you to work in the tight space.

7. Press down on wire clip & remove electrical connector on rear of VANOS solenoid (Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung).VANOS varies the duration of the intake valves by moving the position of the camshafts in relation to the drive gear.
8. Using Adjustable Crescent Wrench, remove VANOS. NOTE: Place a rag under it to catch some small oil drips.

9. Remove CPS Sensor on engine bay using 5mm Allen Key. U may need some force to break the loctite seal. NOTE: Place a rag under it to catch some small oil drips.
10. Carefully follow CPS wire behind Oil Filter, behind Power Steering Resorvoir, down to just under the Oil DipStick tube where it bends to find the CPS electrical connector.
11. With UR right hand thumb, press down on the wire clip and wiggle out the connector. This is hard to do with just 1 hand, so be patient.
12. Remember how the original CPS wire path runs (so U install the new one in same path).
13. Then, pull out the CPS wire from the sensor side. Pull slowly so the CPS connector side does not get caught on anything.

Done with removal of defective CPS sensor.

14. Starting from the VANOS side, push / snake new CPS elec connector down through until you see it pop out under the Oil Dipstick (following the same path in Step #12). Do not plug the connector in yet.

15. Add some oil to the new Green O-ring and pull it onto the new CPS sensor end.
16. Wipe off new CPS sensor with rag before inserting back into place.
17. Add blue Loctite glue to 5mm Allen Bolt and tighten new CPS sensor in place. The blue Loctite requires 20 minutes to harden. NOTE: If you finish quicker, do not start your car, as the engine heat may weaken the Loctite bond.

18. Observe CPS elec connector end and make sure you have the 2 slots facing up towards you when you reinsert the connector (hear a click).

19. Reinstall VANOS. Pay careful attention to which side the wire clip faces when the electrical connector mounts to the VANOS. Reintall VANOS connector (hear a click).
20. Reinstall Oil filter
21. Reinstall Air filter
22. Reinstall MAF hose to Air Filter box

23. Voila, thatís it. Go for a test drive (after waiting 20 min for Loctite glue to cure from Step #17). You should notice a big improvement in the engine performance.

24. Drive, shut off the engine, wait a few seconds, then restart. Do this twice and the Service Engine Soon (SES) Light should automatically turn off.
25. If the SES light is still on, you may have to manually RESET the SES light.

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