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@Rcurley55: Thanks for being patient with my noobishness (i know the alpine protocol is slightly different than for other brands)'ve been a great help so far and have pretty much answered all of my questions. I totally forgot about the ai-net connection handling the analog

Have you ever used the W200/H701 combo before? If so, do you know if i'll still be able to have the same active crossover controls that i had with my C701 (i plan to go active as well)?

@auburnu008: I'll be sure to keep a log during this install. I said the same thing with my carputer, but was overwhelmed with the install and forgot to take pics. I'll make sure to take plenty of pics (i'm still nervous about the vent hack...i still havn't read through the diy yet). I should be getting everything by the end of this week and, if so, i'll be doing the install this weekend.

@m3on20z: I like the The carputer was pretty sick, don't get me wrong, but i just kept having little tiny querks that have been driving me crazy. Here's a list of little things that just piss me off:

- waiting for the computer to boot
- having to reach into the glove box to load a cd
- having to worry about the car wash guys disconnecting something when they vaccum (i have to tell them what to do specifically every time and it's annoying)
- having the computer freeze on me on long drives and having to pull over and stop the car, wait for the computer to shut down, and then start the car again.
- Every little thing you want to add takes so much time and patience and energy, it's ridiculous.
- I have a billion wires going to the trunk....a billion more in the spare tire well....troubleshooting sucks big time.

Basically, i only use the computer for the following things: listening to music, watching music videos, and having a back-up camera. I have never used internet in my car and can't imagine the need for it (im not going to google anything while's hard enough to try and use the tiny screen to browse the internet while parked). I don't have a need for navigation and from what i understand, the computer gps mouse version is inferior to mobile navigation units.

The alpine unit has all of the features that i need and it was designed for what i will be using it for so it will be much easier to use on a day to day basis (and more practical). It will eliminate the need for the C701 controller and give me superior sound than windows (i hate having to download audio drivers and dealing with software audio issues).

The only edge that a computer has in my opinion is that it is a computer and not that many people have them in their cars. It's always nice when people ask me what im running up front and i say "a computer"...the expressions i've gotten are priceless, but other than that, there is no real advantage.
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