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Originally Posted by Hark
I'm on the verge of the same decision, of ditching my CarPC. My Xenarc screen no longer works, and that was sort of the last straw.

I'm also interested in a running diary of your work 3onDubs, so I can see what I'm in for if I go this route.

So it's safe to say that there is not a double-din solution that doesn't require a vent hack? No Alpines coming that have screen separated from main unit?

You too?!! I actually followed your install step by step back when i was putting everything together (on mp3car). I never did thank you...your worklog was amazingly detailed (the ibus pictures especially)....

Over the past few months i've just had so many things i've had to iron out and just when i think i have everything set, something else goes out on me. I'm also always worrying about it....i've been searching for a solid solution (like a computer built especially for cars with amp-like connections), but then i realized that they've been here the whole time....the pioneer Z1, for example, has a hard drive. The alpine that i got can play every single format i can possibly burn to a cd, so it has me covered. It also has a dedicated ipod plug n play port, so it's pretty much perfect.

No more power supply issues or surprises when i go to start the car. Sometimes, when i turn the key, i just stare at the monitor expecting windows not to start...and am releaved when it does...does that ever happen to you?
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