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Originally Posted by Hark
You're welcome - now return the favor and show me how this is done!
No problem...i'm going to dedicate the next few days of "work" (i love my job, lol) to trying to figure out the best way to get the vent hack to work.

Originally Posted by Hark
Mine started from standby, and did so pretty reliably - but the weakest link was truly the screen. Unusable in the daytime, lucky if the image was centered (it had an insidious habit of being off center whenever I showed the install to someone). The touchscreens simply aren't up to the task.
I had the same problem. Sometimes (randomly) the image would start at the middle of the screen, so that half the screen was black and half was the image moved over to the right. I couldn't figure this out, but i had to use the remote to fix it.

Other times the screen wouldn't turn on at all. The computer would start, but not the screen. This was fine because i could still hear the audio (rr started with windows) and i could use the ibus to navigate, but it just angered me that i couldn't figure it out.

My last problem was after installing the revese camera. The monitor would "auto-switch" on it's own repeatedly without me putting the car in reverse (the camera is powered via reverse lights). I had to turn auto switching off while driving and it completely defeated the purpose of having the camera.

I've tried to get this issue out of the way, but it seems that even if i did, there would be more to replace them down the line. I miss just having a solid, reliable head unit. I had a dvd player in my last car for 3 years (and this car prior to the carputer) and never had a single problem.
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