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Originally Posted by np2004
Im thinking of getting a 55 gallon hexagon aquarium should I go with an all-glass aquarium or acrylic aquarium? What are the pros and cons of each type of aquarium? Also since my surface area is limited in a hexagon aquarium what are some good saltwater fish to put in it? Im new to aquariums so want a nice setup but not something way to difficult to maintain. Also anyone have personal experiences with hexagon aquariums I need it to save space in my apartment but all the stores tell me not to get one.
You answered your question right there. A salt water tank is a major pain in the ass. You have to make sure the PH level of the water is perfect, and that there is enough salt for the fishes, a freshwater tank is MUCH easier to maintain. If you want something simple, get a 55 gallon rectangle tank (make sure it's thick glass, I cracked my feeder tank and water went everywhere). And get a 100 gallon filter. Which fish are you planning on getting? I use to have Piranhas, they were very chill, and cool. It was also great to see them hunt. The Piranhas got pretty big, and my old tank that they were in was too small, so I gave them to my cousin. I have Oscar's right now, and they are great fish.
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