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Get salt but get a bigger tank the bigger the tank the more forgiving it is, especially since u can have more bio-life in it. I love my nano reef it's a 12 gallon tank extremely hard to maintain because everything you have to stay on top of but by staying on top of i mean making sure you put everything in a q-tank before u put it into the show/main tank. Nothing like getting some parasites. The big thing is mix your salt water in big buckets then pour in everything right salt water and sand wait for it to settle then throw in a **** load of live rock. Buy big pieces they add more visual then a whole bunch of little rocks. This is going to be expensive about $4/lb For example my 12 that i keep has about 15 lbs of live rock in it. Live rock will add for a filter also a ref would be good to have it as an additional filter. Let that sit for a while while everything levels out. Then add a damsel but don't do it while stuff is still leveling out, damsel cycling is pretty ****ed up. Also add stuff slowly. If you want coral get something that is easy maintaine get some hammer head and frog spawn grows quick and hard to kill then you can also get yourself some rics. Find yourself a local fish group so u can go to coral swaps and get yourself some frags because coral adds up quickly from abour $50 for something the size of a half dollar coin to $100's. I had to get out of the bimmer scene for a while to do this. Or get yourself a dog.
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