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Re: sick car in bellevue and raced another e46(330i)

Originally posted by futurebmw330ci
today driving on to the freeway going to kirkland i saw the guy wit the "hamann" license plate nice car is all i have to say i was the guy in the black 330xi wit clears. Also i raced some guy on a 330i that was mashing and i have never seen anyone driving so fast on a beemer i mean ya i do it a lot but then i see the guy that was doing basically the same thing as me just speeding a lot so we had like a 15min race between cars but then i had to exit it was pretty fun though
dude, nice story and all but please, for the love of god, use some freagin punctuation marks. a coma here, a period'd be surprised how much of a difference it makes. here, let me help you: .......,,,,,,......,,,,,,.......,,,,,,........

please feel free to pick from any of the above punctuation marks

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