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[eas] *** DIY TUTORIAL - DICE iPod integration kit in e46 Coupe *** (cont.)

21. Prepare to route wiring underneath rear seat to passenger side of vehicle.

22. Cable being routed to passenger side, clearing seatbelts.

23. Trunk harness on passenger side, preparing to place bottom seat cushion back into place.

24. Seat cushion reinstalled with trunk cable completely hidden.

25. With a trim removal tool or similiar device, pop nylon retaining clip from door sill.

26. Route trunk cable underneath the retaining clip and pop back into place.

27. Trunk cable in place, preparing to route underneath door sill to glovebox.

28. Tuck trunk interface wire underneath door sill by tucking it underneath with your fingers. Don't remove the sill as the retaining clips are very delicate, especially with older models. You will feel a small channel wher the wire can be pushed into. Repeat tucking the cable until you reach the passenger side kickpanel.

29. Trunk harness at passenger side kickpanel, ready to route to glovebox. Note plenty of slack left in harness.

30. Alternate shot of harness at kick panel.
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