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[eas] *** DIY TUTORIAL - DICE iPod integration kit in e46 Coupe *** (cont.)

31. Time to remove the glovebox, remove bottom phillips screw.

32. Open glovebox to prepare for removal.

33. With your trim removal tool or similar device, remove the plastic pin holding the glovebox dampener strut on left side.

34. Repeat process on right side of glovebox.

35. Remove glovebox door retaining hinges. There are (2) screws.

36. Repeat process on left side.

37. Remove glovebox door and place in a safe area.

38. Remove remaining screws. Staring with step #31, there are a total of (10) screws holding the glovebox door and plastics on. Note that the screws in steps #34 & #35 are shorter than the other screws, these should be set aside.

39. Last screw for removal (#10)

40. Remove glovebox frame and set on floor of vehicle.
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