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[eas] *** DIY TUTORIAL - DICE iPod integration kit in e46 Coupe *** (cont.)

41. Route trunk harness up kickpanel to very top.

42. There is a pre existing hole in the glovebox, the iPod cable is a perfect canidate for this position. Route the iPod cable through the inside of the glovebox frame and prepare for connection to the DICE module.

43. Connect trunk interface module and iPod Dock connector cable to DICE module. Verify DIP switches are set to the "OFF" position. If you would like to utilize the AUX connection on the module, this would be a great time to connect your interface cable (available seperately).

We also have these on the site:

eas 3.5mm male/female AUX extension cord

44. Connect dock connector to ipod and you're complete!

45. Activate text as outlined in the user's manual

Installation is now complete!

Note: Your iPod must be updated to the minimum firmware requirements in order to be compatible with the DICE

iPod kit.

Supported iPods and Firmwares
- 3G: Must have minimum firmware version 2.3. Does not support Albums/Chapters. FF/RW Does not work from radio
- 4G: Must have minimum firmware version 3.1.1
- 4G Photo/Color: Must have minimum firmware version 1.2.1
- 5G Video: Must have minimum firmware version 1.1.1
- nano: Must have minimum firmware version 1.1.1
- mini: Must have minimum firmware version 1.4.1

Updated iPod firmware can be found at Apple's website:

Helpful resources:

DICE owner's manual:

Have fun!
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