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Originally Posted by yubyub
The kit was purchased from Dension USA on 6/6/06 (maybe this is unlucky?).

The part number is I-BMW-T. The barcode reads A00014-0606. There was an additional number on the upper right hand corner of the label (dl-1002) that might or might not mean anything significant.

I didn't think that I installed it incorrectly either; I've got a decent EE background, and the install was as basic as it gets. Could've still made a stupid mistake, though I can't see how...

Thanks, Tom! I owe you virtual beers.
The module's up to date, are all the DIP switches set to off? Activating text on the NAV-vehicles should be as simple as selecting CD #6 and going to track 5 or 6, depending on taste.
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