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Originally Posted by quickturtle
Hey guys,

So I ordered and installed my DICE module a couple of weeks ago. Overall, the installation was pretty easy and straight forward. About the toughest thing for me was to get to the battery.

The sound I thought was excellent...especially coming from the FM transmitter that I first tried. However, when I started to listen a bit closer in the last couple of days, I'm experiencing some annoying issues. Until reading this thread, I thought it was isolated to me. To date, I'm experiencing the following:

1. Low, but noticeable, clicking noise on ALL songs played. When I unplug the Ipod I still hear the little clicking sound.
Recheck your connections, something may be loose at the connection points, or it could be picking up inteference from other devices.

Originally Posted by quickturtle
2. Air Conditioning blink problem mentioned by others.
This affects a small number of e46s out there. We have a firmware solution for this - we are testing right at the moment. Email me directly to be placed on the list to be notified when this is ready for release.

Originally Posted by quickturtle
3. Low hissing sound during the entire song. Imaging running your index finger along a piece of paper or the table and thats similiar to what I hear. Funny thing here is that thie hissing will go away when I turn off the sound from the Ipod by touching the wheel counter-clockwise (0 volume level indicated on the Ipod), for about 2-3 seconds. Of course the sound comes back.

When I noticed that the hissing sound corresponds to my backlight. I have set to 5 seconds, when the back light dims, the hissing starts. When I touched the Ipod wheel, it activates the light.
Thanks for the update, I've tried to replicated this on the test bench and 2 vehicles and couldn't hear anything. Do you have another iPod to see if you can replicate the problem with?

Originally Posted by quickturtle
4. The text scrolling by will sometimes get stuck for a little bit. This is so minor I don't really care if it were fix.

I have:
2002 330 CI with the Business CD.
DICE Module
Ipod 5G 30gig

Any help or suggestion would greatly be appreciated!

Eddy C.
The text will freeze shortly at the end of text lines, this is normal. If its in the middle, I would try removing fuses #7 & #41 for a few minutes to reinitialize the system.
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