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Originally Posted by nyuk
Thankfully I tested this before wiring the whole car but: I have an ipod Nano 4g and just got the DICE. Installed it last night according the directions - the text appears on the head-unit and will flip through the play lists appropriately but NO SOUND!.. ..I have tried the dip switches in DICE mode and ipod mode with no luck. The ipod itself will change playlists and tracks when controlled by the head unit or steering wheel....Any thoughts?

The directions say that some ipod don't play sound from a dock connector? Is that true? If so, I wish I had seen that before I made the purchase.

Also, it says that the possible problem may be that the CDC or CD Changer needs to be activated? Is that true as well and anyone know how to do that?

My car is a 2000 323i with the standard BMW business radio w/in dash cd...

Joe Mac

CD Changers needing to be "activated" and the inability of sounding coming through the iPod dock connector is false. This isn't a problem with the DICE, but the iPod itself.

This sometimes this happens only with the nano where the dock connector isn't fully unlocked. Reboot the iPod with the MENU and center buttons held down for +5 seconds and reconnect after the reboot process is completed.

Give this a try and see if this corrects the problem.
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