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no the car never overheated. The funny thing is about two weeks ago i checked the coolant and it was a little low. So I added off the shelf premixed coolant and the coolant in the radiator looked very clean. Last night i was driving and the coolant light came on. So i drove for about 4 miles with the light on until i got home. The next day i went down first thing in the morning to check on the coolant and when i opened the cap that stuff started to spew out. I found it weird because although the engine was cold, when i turned the cap i felt it was pressurized. coolant and nasty sh*t continued to spew out. The car was in the sun and it was about 90 degrees so that could have been it.

The oil looks clean, there is no sign of anti-freeze there. Although it was about half a quart low.

what do you think?
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