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Yea i agree. And like you i don't know of any good mechanic around here because i never had to take it to a mechanic either. Does anyone recommend a mechanic that specializes with bmws cars in the greater Boston area?

Originally Posted by bikergeek
Given that yours is a 2000 and out of warranty I wouldn't have a dealership do it. Take it to a good independent BMW specialist mechanic in your area and get an estimate. You list your location as Boston, there are tons of 'em around here. I can't help you out personally there, I've had my car for maybe seven months and haven't had to have any service performed on it yet (other than an oil change I did myself in the driveway, and I gotta glue the passenger side door seal back on).

A head swap is a fairly involved job with lots of labor. A good independent mechanic will lay out several "treatment options" for you and the costs and benefits of each, along with an approximate price tag.

Good luck.
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