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Originally Posted by vwbosox
Pics coming soon but for know would love some feedback on suspension. Considering 3 options for better handling and lowering the car (just got CSL reps in 18 with 235/40 proxe 4s and car is looking a bit like a 4x4)

1) H&R springs only -$250ish
2) Koni cup lit and H&R springs- $800
3)H&R coilovers- about $1150

Leanign towards option #2 or #3- anyone have experience with either set up?. I want more control, less body roll and lowered look but not a harsh ride- sounds like Konis to me but do most think it would be worth $350-400 more for coilovers?
for question 1 springs only would kill your shocks

2 & 3 are good from what ive read.

i was thinking about getting dinan stage 1 suspension....
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