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Originally Posted by yzracer420
When you see a chick driving an e46, and you think "wow, we have a lot in common, I drive a BMW, she drives a BMW, same model... I think she's my dream girl, I think I love her, I bet out kids would look great, we'd have to buy an x5 though... unless she'd want to put out kids in a 3 series wagon? Wait, would she want that? She'd want to drive OUR KIDS in a WAGON!! WHAT WAS I THINKING, I DONT LOVE THIS GIRL AT ALL" ... and then you find yourself yelling "I DONT LOVE YOU ANYMORE" out the window to some girl who has no idea who you are...

That happens to everyone right? ... right??
I've actually gone through this type of scenario in my head after seeing a hot chick in a E46. Except I picture us driving an X5 and M5 to lug the kids around

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