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I love this thread.......makes me laugh

- Get a woody when you see a chick driving an M3 and tell yourself that you would marry her........and thinking what your cars would looke like next to each other in the garage.....should I drive the grey one or white one
- Start to cry when you look outside and its raining after you spent countless hours washing your car the day before
- You know more about fixing your car than the tech at the dealer
- You spend more time on this site than you do working
- You try and get friends to mod their cars
- Constantly look at showroom to get new ideas for modding
- Hope you get a raise so you can get a SC
- Look at fellow fanatics and feel more of a family bond than your real one
- Get your dad to start modding his own car
- Think to yourself about cleaver usernames or liscense plates that you could use
- Can name what type of exhaust someone has just from hearing all the sound clips you listened too trying to decide which one you like the best
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