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DIY: Driveshaft Rebuild/Repair

I had picked up a Driveshaft for $100 at a junk yard that needed a little work. Flex Disc aka (Guibo) was torn to shreds. Center Mount was falling off and center sleeving well lets just say didn't look to good. Anyways in the midst of still waiting for a new clutch kit and SSK I decided to post this write.

Tools Needed:

Dremel w/Grinding Bit
Snap Ring Pliers
Rubber Mallet
42mm Open ended wrench or large Cresent Wrench
18mm Wrench and or sockets
3 jaw puller

Parts Needed:

The only part that will vary from auto to manual is the flex disc this one however is for a manual. (the difference being the autos is slightly larger)

Flex Disc - P/N# 26111227410 - FREE for me since it came with the tranny I bought
Center Mount - P/N# 26127501257 ~ $26 @
Centering Sleeve - P/N# 26117526611 ~ $10
Clamping Sleeve - P/N# 26117514037 ~ $10
Circlip or locking ring (whatever you want to call it) - P/N# 26123648156 ~ $1
Butyl Tape - P/N# 26127511140 ~$3 (However this is for when you reinstall the driveshaft on the car, for some reason my car didn't have any when I removed my autos driveshaft, but I'm gong to use this anyways.
3 - Hex Nuts - P/N# 07129900047 ~ $0.50 each
3 - Hex Bolts - P/N# 26117523709 ~ $2.00 each

Step 1:

Remove Flex Disc aka (Guibo) When I bought it (The driveshaft) it was literally torn to shreds so that thing needed replacement. Well it's only held on by 3 - 18mm Bolts and Nuts. So whip out your wrench and socket and remove them. Supposedly I think the bolts are one time bolts, so I bought new ones anyways just to be safe.

Step 2:

Since my centering sleeve was not looking so good I decided it needed to be replaced. BMW apparently doesn't give a time frame on when it should be replaced. But I have a feeling the people at the junkyard didn't know how to remove the driveshaft. For when I removed my automatic driveshaft my centering sleeve looked perfect.

Anyways I had originally bought a small 1/4" to like an 1" bearing puller to pull the centering sleeve out. Well that didn't work and the puller broke an arm. So I took a dremel with a grinding bit and carefully ground away at the centering sleeve until it came out.

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