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Weapon of choice:

This stupid thing broke:

Step 3:

Seperating the driveshaft, make note of the two white paint marks made from the factory on the driveshaft. You are to reconnect the driveshaft using these as reference. If you are off even one spline, it could result in an unbalanced driveshaft. If there are no marks or white dots then make your own marks.

Loosen the clamping sleeve, it's about 42mm but I just used a Large Cresent wrench, plus the torque spec is really really small. One clamping sleeve is fully loosened you can seperate the driveshaft.

Old one on the right and new one on the left:

Step 4:

Remove the Lock ring holding the center bearing of the center mount in place. Use your lock ring pliers to do so. Next you can now remove the center mount with bearing. Since my mount practically crumbled off I just needed to remove the bearing. For this I whipped out my trusty 3 jaw puller which did the trick nicely. Apparently some people say you can "supposedly" remove the bearing by hand. Honestly I don't think thats possible since the thing is pressed on.

I know I know I used a screwdriver in this picture but lock ring pliers would have been easier:

Center Bearing Mount:


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