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Just bout right:

Step 7:

After you installed your center sleeving you can now move onto the center mount. The one you ordered should have already come with the bearing pressed into the rubber mount. Apply some grease to where the center mount will go. Once again his will have to be pressed on, and will be a little harder because you don't want to damage the bearing.

I made a device out of pipe and a tranny input shaft seal I had lying around. The tool I made rested perfectly against the bearing and rubber. Now put your tool to the test and use your mallet again or you can use a 3 lb hammer and give it a few light taps to press the bearing on.

Note: that where you removed the lock ring clip there is a small groove in the driveshaft. DO NOT press the bearing past this point just enough to reapply the new lock ring, I don't know if there is any detrimental affect, but I just wouldn't chance it thats all.

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