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Step 8:

Reassembly of the driveshaft, apply grease to the splines and put on the ew clamping sleeve you have purchased, I'm sure you can use your old one but I just decided to go with a new one. Realign the driveshaft according to the white factory paint marks. REMEMBER IF YOU ARE EVEN OFF ONE SPLINE YOU WILL MAKE THE DRIVESHAFT UNBALANCED. Slightly tighten the clamping sleeve but not fully until you are installing the drveshaft back onto the car.

Clamping Sleeve:


Step 9:

Last Step, now reinstall your new flex disc aka (guibo) using the new Hex Bolts and Nuts you ordered. Using a 18mm wrench and smaller breaker bar with 18mm socket this can be easily done.

Have fun and enjoy, any questions or comments feel free to ask.

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