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Originally Posted by M3bluewater
have like 8-10 meals a day (Im not kidding) and make sure you work out.

you need healthy fats, but you dont want to get fat so don't pig out on other fatty crap, you just want to get bigger.
8-10 meals a day ! ugh
What would be considered a meal for you guys ?
Btw, I do work out that would be pointless if I didn't
Originally Posted by 3onDubs
Originally Posted by JoeVert
There is a good reason why so many more black men date white girls then vice versa. I have a feeling black men are not avoiding black women because of their color
Of all the posts I've read in forums in my life, this was easily the most captivating. It has all the elements of a great post, adventure, mystery, love, and danger...When I read this post, it took my breath away. Simply amazing. 10 stars!
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