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Originally Posted by ginzop
Tom - First off, let me say that this device is great. It's the first time I've been able to integrate a COTS item into my car. I just have a couple of questions and comments about the DICE unit.

1. While I'm listening to the IPOD and I want to use my phone - I press the R/T button to put it in "phone" mode and I get a loud "POP" through the stereo and then the audio mutes. My display changes to my phonebook and all is good , however, when I finish my call, the display goes back to "TR-xx", my IPOD is still playing BUT no sound through the stereo. I have to stop, turn the key "off" and back "on" (I tried just just cycling power on the radio but no joy). Basically, I have to re-init the DICE unit. Has anyone else run accross this?
What model year is your 325i?

Originally Posted by ginzop
2. I can't seem to browse albums. Is this just albums within a playlist?
Pressing CD #3 and the up or down arrows should browse the albums, pressing CD #1 thereafter will browse the songs within that album.

Originally Posted by ginzop
3. Also, I find that whenever I do lose the text display i.e. reverts back to just track [TR-xx], I have to again re-init the audio trio [DICE/IPOD/Radio]. I've had this happen by switching back and forth between the car controls and IPOD touch wheel.

Any info would help me further understand the communication between these devices.
Let's get your specific model year and we can troubleshoot from there. I will also need to know if you have Business CD or Navigation.
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