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Originally Posted by tyroneshoe
The other really annoying thing is this "dit-dit-dit" sound which is relatively faint however, I tend to crank up my stereo a lot and it really ruins a lot of songs as it is quite audible at higher volumes.

Okay, so I figured out I had an old battery, DICE didnt kill it, time did... but I've got the same issues as a few others with the background clicking noise. It's there when changing songs and all the way through the next ones. And I know it's not the alternator cause I don't get any whine, and CD's play fine... it still does this noise in acc position. Any thoughts on this? You've replaced my unit once already, and this seems like it could be solved with some sort of fw upgrade (custom eq settings maybe?) Anyways, just adding my two cents... aside from the clicking, its a great product, made my life much easier.
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