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Originally Posted by sna77
My wish list (not that DICE cares or anything)

1. Get rid of the damn * and use a - . Not sure why this drives me crazy, but it does. Think I was just used to the IceLink

2. Add browse by artist. Most important feature obviously. Ax the books on tape crap on there if they need space.

3. Fix it so that I can scroll my address book on my BT phone while the ipod is playing. Also you can't really adjust the audio tones etc while the DICE is active. When the screen flashes to display the text, it takes over whatever you are doing on the display (i.e using the address book, adjusting the bass etc)
1. Suggestion noted.

2. This is currently in development at this time. Right now, this feature is not possible without locking the iPod's clickwheel - which we do not want happening.

3. If you have NAV - use track #6 on the text selector (disc 6), this will solve the phonebook overwriting issue.
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