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Replaced the water pump yesterday and had a related but unusual problem. My fan is electric, so I had no problem removing it. But once we removed the four bolts from the water pump pulley, it wouldn't come off! Totally frozen to the hub on the pump. We tried to bang the pulley off with a wrench, but the pulley then got all chipped and cracked - it's very fragile. We finally got it off after spraying all around the inside of the pulley with WD40 and letting it sit for a few hours. Oh, and a few curse words. Those helped, too.

So if you're about to try this job, maybe spray a little PB Blaster or WD40 onto the pulley the night before you start. Also, when replacing the pulley on the new water pump, maybe put a little anti-seize on there, too. The pulley is mostly plastic but the mating surface is metal.
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