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Re: So true...

Originally posted by .Gravedgr.

I'm sure someone will disagree with me, but no color gives a deeper, glossier, more "liquid look" than black when it is clean and polished.

We have a friend of the family who used to show his '55 Chevy sedan (took 1st place national more than once). It was painted with 7 coats of tuxedo black laquer, and then 5 coat of clear. The paint job alone was $15,000, but you would swear you were looking in a mirror - you could lean over the hood and spot food caught in your teeth.
Not gonna hear me disagree. If you checkout the "hood shot" thread in the showroom, you can see the reflection of my ceiling in the hood of the car. If it weren't for the vents being in the picture, you'd swear it was just a pic of my ceiling!
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