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I am an absolute begginner in this. So, some beginner questions:

I want to take care of leather in my car and wash it correctly. Not interesting about waxing or clay since I am too scared to do those for now.

This is what I plan to order:
B067 Leatherique Cleaner & Rejuvenator 16oz Bundle - Save Over 10%
B103 Poorboy's Super Slick Suds Wash Kit - Save Over 10%

1.I got my car used and the car has leather seats with minor wear on the drivers side. If I get the leatherique bundle, in what order should I apply cleaner and rejuvantor? I read some of you responses but could not understand what to apply first if the seat is not new and also which one to sink in?

2.There are some minor marks on the headliner, what would you advise to use?

3.As far as the exterior washing goes, is the sponge/microfiber towel enough? or you really have to have sheep mitt? Considering I am not going to wax is there any thing else I need to do after washing?

4. Is it ok to use sticky lint remover picking up stuff from interior that the vacuum could not?

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