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Don't worry about the rookie questions we've helped many new users become knowledgable and skilled detailers. With a little knowledge and the right products you should be getting great results. I would make a slight change in the products you listed, get this kit:

B104 $29.98
MP10 - Microfiber Wash Mitt $8.99
B067 Leatherique Bundle - good as is

1.) . If you want a deep conditioner that really helps revive the leather I massage the Leatherique Rejuvenator by hand first and let that bake into the seat. I apply this one generously and let it sit on the seat, then put the car in the sun all day to bake in. Now put the Leatherique Prestine Clean right on top of it with the applicator. Let that sit for 15 - 20 minutes and remove it by wiping a damp microfiber towel with medium pressure across the seats followed by a dry microfiber towel.

2.) If these marks are dirt, grease, etc. you can clean them with the 303 Cleaner and Spot Remover. This is a great all purpose cleaner that I use on fabrics, vinyl, plastic, rubber and more. It cleans your dashboard, doors, console, carpets, etc.

3.) I would get the bundle I mentioned above (Poorboys Super Slick and Suds + WW drying towel) and a microfiber mitt. Another drying towel and mitt will make things easier. Two towels is perfect for a thorough dry but some people can do it with one. Two mitts are good because I keep one very clean for painted surfaces and glass only. I use the other mitt for more heavily contaminated areas like wheels, wheel wells, some lower panels, etc. The Sheepskin Wash Mitt is great for washing and ensuring that you don't add more micro scratches, you could get this in place of the microfiber wash mitt.

Just curious how come you don't want to wax the vehicle? Waxing or Sealing provides valuable protection and a great shine. This step is relatively simple and important, let me know if you'd like some more information on the subject.

4.) Those tend to work well and are perfectly safe. Another way is to get the haris out is to use an iron handle brush (scrub brush) and just light brush the fabrics. The brush can usually pull hairs, fuzz, lint out. Also you can use the 303 Cleaner and Spot Remover on the fabrics at the same time to help break up and remove contaminates. When I do detailing I typically do a quick vacuum of the worst debris then brush the seats (if fabric) and carpets thoroughly. Then I do a final vacuum and brush the carpets all in one direction for a great clean and uniform look.

Hope this helped and feel free to post or PM us with more questions.

Greg @ Detailed Image
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