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OneTime - If its gritty I'm guessing some contamination is on the applicator, painted surface or in the paste wax. If you believe there may be a product defect please contact Steve at

Originally Posted by 3TARD
Greg- I'm looking to pick up a package to detail my ride and I'm on a budget here. I've decided on the following process, and all of this will be done by hand using the applicator pad set available on your site.

- Wash and dry
- Diamondite Speed Clay
- SSR 2.5
- SSR 1
- Meguiar's Show Car glaze (already have this stuff)
- EX sealant
- Wax (already have Turtle F21 paste but I'm open to suggestions)

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions on this, and also which pads to use for which steps. THANKS
List looks good I'll make two small changes that I think will really help take your detailing up a notch. First off I assume you have wash and dry materials, if you need some advice let us know. I'm glad to hear your picking up the applicator kit, it works great! Let me know if you have any questions. For the clay I recommend getting the Clear Kote Clay Bar Kit. Instead of the Turtle stuff use the Poorboy's World Natty's Blue Paste Wax. It makes the black paint on Bimmers really pop and get that deep wet look. I'll fore warn you, two coats of this can be blinding. It lasts extra long so you'll get many great uses. Other than that the order of products and other selections looks spot on.

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