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to e55: (didnt watn to quote that lol) where are you located? if you arent in so cal and you are using your own zip the price will be higher. there are a ton of e46s and bmws in so cal so they run cheaper. i talked to a dealer as well when i was getting a trade in value for my car and basically "excellent" condition he said is pretty much a new car. it literally has to be perfect and unless its one of those RARE cars (less than 5%) then its not excellent condition. that would be more for cars with like under 10k miles that are BARELY used, not 50k IMO. typically when you do KBB youd put good condition because the cond is subjective and of course as a seller you want to put excellent.

and youre right, the car is worth what the buyer is willing to pay. i've been shopping around for an M3 for a few weeks now and dissecting every ad and car for sale. this particular car is VERY comparable to a $35k price range and thats what they are selling for. Or else I'd sell my 330 for $26k but the value has gone down below KBB in so cal. honestly the seller can sell the car for whatever hed like but im personally not gonna dish out the $5k extra when i can buy one with almost the exact same specs for much cheaper.

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