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Nice car, man! I'm not tryin to add fuel to the fire or anything, but just an FYI that I sold my 2003.5 Carbon Black M3 back in June for $38.8. That was a killer deal cuz i needed to get rid of it, but it was more in the actual price range for this car. It had only 38,000 miles and the original stock LED's (with extended trunk handle too) and was SMG and fully loaded just like yours with extras just like yours (icelink, 19's, PDC, etc).

So he has some reasoning in his claims that you car with 11,000 more miles than mine had should be at least around the price that I had 2 months ago.

...and yes I am in California just like you.

Good luck on the sale man. I regret getting rid of mine. but you gotta do what you gotta do
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