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Originally Posted by FTLAUDM3 View Post
I have both.

1. Foglight Bulbs really do look the same as OEM. They are not yellow at all. You may want to get different bulbs though (6k, 8k) and then they will not match. So know that if your happy with your headlights and don't want to change then you'll be happy. If youwant to change then HID fog kit will be needed. I have 8K bulbs and barely every use my fogs cause they don't match. Looks terrible. Can't see spending $300 for HID fogs yet.

2. Foglight install - super easy. All you do is take off Black housing. Pulls right off. Take out the screw (only one). Whole foglight assembly will come out. Its basically plug and play. Turn knob, pull out bulb, replace, your done

3. Reflectors - super simple. I have bought clear and colored ones. I bought the ones off Bimmian or Bimmerblvd. $45 I think. Ebay has em for $38. So simple to put in take/out. Just take screwdriver and pop em out. Use top or bottom of reflector. Be careful not to break them. The painted ones are way more sturdy. Takes like 10 seconds to do.

hope this helps. PM with any questions. These are two great mods. Also get clear/smoked corners if you don't have them. I have smoked corners, and black reflectors. Went with a different color cause eventually rims will be black and wantd a contrast. But same color would probably be better, but I want something different. Check my sig. Makes a huge difference. Also get the invisble bulbs if you do. Such a rip but looks way better.
Thanks for all of your help, yeah I was looking at the instalation guide on bimmian and and it does seem very easy. I will probably order the reflectors and xenesis bulbs tonight. Cant wait to install.

Ohh and the black reflectors you have look real nice, I can see how with black rims it will be very cool.

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