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Originally Posted by umnitza View Post
Now come come The fact that you use the warranty more often is inconvenience enough.
I don't believe there is any mention of having to use the warranty more often...and i've heard plenty of warranty exchange issues with the chromiums, so i don't quite get this? If you guys don't sell them, how do you know how many go in on warranty exchange??

If you ask me, a free warranty exchange, even if you have to replace them, sounds good to me. I've been reading some not so fun problems with the Chromiums and getting moisture in them...even with "correct" installation.

I just think this is a matter or advertisement more than anything. Both products seem good, both products have their flaws, both products have excellent warranties. I'd say the reason the chromiums are selling so well is because umnitza's and jlevi's fast responses to people's questions and posts. Good for you guys, thats excellent work. I just don't think vendors should bash other vendors or say their product is inferior without proof...other than the same 3 or 4 posts that have been linked to every topic on this matter.

So...I ended up ordering the DDE Raptors. I am glad I got to read through everyone's thought and opinions, but I received some opinions from non-vendors that swayed me in that direction, not to mention Unique Euro Design has a great deal until the end of August for $135 shipped for the non-heated. Even the non-heated Raptors are waterproof (unlike the Chromiums to my knowledge, but correct me if i'm wrong, i know you guys will ), and if later i want to upgrade to the heated raptors, it'll cost me $50...still less than the chromiums when added up.

I will leave a full detailed and honest review of the Raptors. If I find that I'm having problems with them, maybe then will I try the Chromiums.
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