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well.. I am BORED

My name is Rashed - am 20. Born and raised in AD. Studied in only one school for the whole of my life. I used to be an excellent student, but I am only ok now - willing to work harder. I study Marketing and Management in Newcastle University - UK. I am married with one son (Mohammed 2-years)

Cars? My passion. I'd rather watch a top gear episode than have my dinner.

Football? My missed friend.. I played in Al-Wahda club for 3 years but my worth mentioning experiences are with the school team. Played in tournaments in Qatar, Alexandria and Cairo and won some - some of my best experiences in life. The reason why I mentioning football is because I miss it so much - I've not been playing much after coming to Newcastle

Willing to graduate enshallah and help my father and grandfather in Business

I carry no hard feelings towards anybody.. I accept critisicm.. accept jokes.. I fool around and like to play with everybody.. sometimes I am not serious when I need to be.. but normally you shouldnt worry about being yourself when I am around.. Shall I bore you more??

lol @ what I wrote

and btw.. the I am married part is not true
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