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Originally Posted by bave46rider View Post
Everyone, read the fine print on their site. The warranty only covers ONE replacement, and there is a $10 handling charge for the defective bulb. Yeah, nice "warranty" when it costs almost as much to replace as buying a new pair of your xenix bulbs. I guess it's the same with all your "lifetime warranty" claims. It costs customers not only money, but also time, and a lot of hassle in proving that the product is defective, etc. (Myself and others have had to take pictures, put deposits, go back and forth for weeks, and sometimes still not get the defective item replaced.)
sounds like you have issues, so let's clarify:

On Xenix, we don't ask for anything back. We don't ask you to pay anything within 30 days. And, if your bulbs fail, you get a LIFETIME of 1 replacement. That means, if 1 bulb fails in 2 years, you get it replaced free, and if the other bulb fails 2 years later, you get it replaced free.

1 Free Kit replacement.
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