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Originally Posted by umnitza View Post
So does everyone else without an agenda Anyone that has seen the two side by side would say what you did. It's "photos" that gives people a false sense of what is and isn't.
I didn't realize that everyone had the same tastes in everything.

Quick everyon buy an ellectric red 330ci coupe with black interior, 5 speed prefacelift and do these mods to it....

See my point ^^

Everyone has different cars here that just happen to be the same "make and model" if you will. Everyone has different opinions on body kits, lights, colors, interiors, transmissions, and yes, DDE's.

Fact - Toyota is better than BMW.

Fact - Predator Chromium's are better than DDE titaniums.

Both are opinions stated as fact, I have a differing opinion on both of those. Nothing against toyota or the predator chromiums, I simply feel you can't say one is outright better than the other when its based on opinions. You post that everyone else has an agenda, at least, everyone who doesn't agree with you, but noone posts making claims against you, while you attack the rest. I feel its YOU who has the agenda and would ask what it is that makes you feel you must belittle other companies and other products to make sales, rather than just let your product sell itself.


And if this comes across as abrasive its being taken the wrong way, I'm simply stating my opinion, and trying to make a calm/thoughtful discussion.
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