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Now start by removing the exhaust bolts, I started at the rear at the 2 hangers with 2 - 13mm bolts on each side I believe they were.

Working towards the center mounts of the exhaust system, remove these 8 – 13mm bolts.

Now starting at the bolts at the exhaust manifold there are 4 I believe they were 13mm as well. You will need a deep 13mm socket for these. As you can see these are rusted and seized beyond belief. It took me 2 days just to remove the exhaust system because I ended up buying a torch to get the bolts red-hot in order to remove some of them.

As you can see I used some penetrating oil, but that did little to nothing and I was only able to remove 2 of the bolts. These bolts along with the flywheel bolts, diff bolts and driveshaft to transmission output shaft bolts should always be replaced

To get the rest of the bolts off, I had to torch them since they were just crumbling and stripping. In fact these were suppose to be 13mm nuts but for one of the bolts the 13mm socket was too big and for the other the socket was too small because of all the rust deposits I was only able to fit a 12mm socket and 14mm socket on each respectively.

The remnants of the bolts and gaskets maybe this is why they both should be replaced.

Separated but yet still attached by rust. Got my brother to wiggle and pull the exhaust from the rear while I pried it free at the manifold
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