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On the center of driveshaft there is a piece called the clamping sleeve. You must loosen this in order to drop the driveshaft. I think it’s a 46mm but since I didn’t have a wrench of that size I use a large adjustable wrench and loosened it. Once it’s loosened you can just loosen it or retighten it back by hand. Do not remove it and just slowly lower the driveshaft making sure the halves to do separate. (Just a quick note on the the driveshaft to differential. Although you removed the diff bolts, the driveshaft is ever so slightly pressed onto the differential but it is easily removable.

I did the same thing as with the exhaust, used a couple jack stands so the driveshaft wouldn’t fall on me, not that it weighs much anyways.

Cross member bolts I believe were 2 – 10mm for the rubber mounts and 4 – 13mm for the brace portion.

Driveshaft removed.

I supported the transmission with a regular floor jack. Wish I had a transmission jack but I had to make due with what I had. (Just a note: the engine will tilt when lower the transmission. What I did here considering I didn’t have the special tool engine supports. I used another floor jack under the oil pan of the engine. I made sure to use a piece of ľ” wood sandwiched in between in order to not damage the oil pan.

Removing Transmission (Caution this slush box weighs in at ~ 170 lbs)

Disconnecting the gear selector cable.

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