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This is how to manually rotate the crank (Thanks to Ed aka edsmax for helping me figure this out) I used one of my O2 sensor sockets, which is 22mm, and it fit perfectly.

The 3 torque converter bolts...

Slightly lowering and pushing back transmission...

And dropped, a whopping 170 lbs of crap!

Just a note when you drop it, use something to hold the torque converter in place so that it won't get damaged by falling off the transmission. The torque converter might spill a little oil but nothing serious.

Step 5:

Looking over your parts you ordered....

New Bell housing bolts

The old ones...

New exhaust gasket seals (Should always be replaced)

New exhaust suspension system since it's different for a manual transmission

New manual transmission cross member brace

New clutch pedal, parts, and assembly

More miscellaneous parts clutch lines, brake fluid hose, bolts etc..

Butyl Tape (It like sticks the driveshaft's center mount to the frame of the car. For some reason my car didn't have it when I removed the old driveshaft)

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