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Step 7:

Now that the coolant is drained and radiator is removed, now it’s time to reinstall the new mounting plate and drain plug piece. If you don’t do this, the radiator will just start pissing coolant everywhere (ask me how I know)

Expansion tank removed. Removal is pretty straight forward, and it is pressed on pretty good.

New and old mounting plates, can you see the difference…

Bare radiator…

New mounting plate installed.

Now lets reinstall the new radiator, installation is the reverse of removal.

Reconnect hoses….

Now before you go ahead and fill the expansion tank and radiator with coolant/distilled water mixture, you must replace the drain plug like I mentioned earlier. It’s actually fairly simple. Just use a 22mm wrench and you can turn the plug (It won’t go far, maybe not even half a turn if that, but it has little plastic notches that lock it into place.

The new part, notice it’s shorter and comes with a new drain plug screw

Comparing old and new, notice the new one is shorter for the new mounting plate and the old one is longer. Well if you were to keep the old one in, the radiator would just piss out coolant.

Refilling with coolant and distilled water. Make sure you have the heater set on high and full blast when performing this.
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