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Step 8:

Now that the radiator is finished lets move onto the installation of the flywheel, clutch and transmission.

I didn’t at first remove the old autos flywheel etc.. and I’m sorry I forgot what size the bolts were but I want to say either 17 or 19mm. They are on there pretty tight and if you try to loosen them without holding the crankshaft stationary it will just keep on moving. So it’s a good idea to have a buddy around to help out with this part.


Stupid starter I really really hate this thing with a passion….


Comparison of the new to old flywheel bolts. Newer ones are longer and shorter ones are for the auto transmission.

New pilot bearing, I made a mistake of ordering this separately because I didn’t know that it came with a new clutch kit that I purchased anyways so I got an extra now for another time.

Pressed in… what I did was took a washer and ground it down to the right size of the pilot bearing. Then took a long bolt with a hex nut at the end and lightly tapped/pressed it into place.

Resurfaced flywheel installed. Cost me $60 to get this resurfaced at a shop that only deals with clutches and flywheels.

New Clutch Disc and clutch alignment tool (Which I hate, it’s literally a piece of crap and didn’t work all that great to be honest.

New Pressure plate…

Installing…. There are 6 allen socket bolts I believe were 6mm and you should tighten exactly like you were tightening your lug nuts. Same goes for the flywheel bolts.

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