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Installing new clutch release bearing that came with the new clutch kit.

Old and new

New one installed

And now for my favorite part, reinstalling the new transmission. At least it’s 100 lbs lighter. I got my brother to help me lift and suspend the transmission in the air while we supported it with jack stand and aligned it properly. This can be a tedious job especially with the lack of clearance you may have. The most difficult part though is making sure that the starters teeth stay aligned with the flywheel. At times when trying to push the transmission on, it would slightly move the starter. Just have patience and you’ll eventually get it.

Rebolt up the transmission housing to engine housing and start installing the new cross member brace to support the transmission. I had purchased 2 pairs of UUC transmission mounts a while back (Both the red and black) I decided to stick with the black since I believe the red are for racing/track use.

Step 9:

Moving on, lets start by reinstalling the driveshaft. Start by installing it to the flex disc first (There’s a reason for this). Leave the transmission in neutral if it’s not already. The reason is because the driveshaft will not align correctly with the differential bolts. This way if you put the transmission in neutral, you will be able to rotate the driveshaft and align the bolt pattern. Once again I supported the driveshaft with my extra pairs of jack stands.

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