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Adding the Butyl Tape, which my car did not have before.

Bolt pattern aligned with differential

Almost there…


Step 10:

Now that the drive train assembly is complete, we can work on some smaller things like wiring up the reverse lights and clutch switch. For the reverse lights all I did was remove the plug from the transmission once it was installed. I soldered 2 wires to the 2-pin plug and used heat shrink tubing over them.

I reinstalled the sensor back on the transmission and ran the wires to the glove box were there was a reverse light terminal above the fuse panel. I simply used the OEM connectors I had from my previous retrofits to install them just like OEM. Just a note the blue/yellow wire is the trigger wire for the reverse lights.

Ran the wires like the autos harness was.

To the fuse panel…

Ok that was simple enough now for the clutch switch and clutch switch module.

The module is attached to the clutch master cylinder and the clutch switch is mounted on the pedal assembly’s frame if you want to call it that. Anyways basically you just connect the wires of the same color to each other since the module has to connect to the clutch switch. The only drawback is that BMW only gives you male connectors for some odd reason and there were no female connectors, so I had to improvise with whatever left over BMW connectors I had. And it turned out I had just enough of the appropriate pins and connectors.

Both clutch switch module and clutch switch:

Pin 1 – Goes to Ground
Pin 2 – Goes to the DME connection at A60004 pin 23
Pin 3 – Goes to Fuse position #9 (5 amp fuse) Brake pedal

So all I did was wired up the switch and module and tapped for ground and the brake pedal wire at the brake pedal switch located right behind the brake pedal. The pin that goes to the DME I ran through the firewall and into the DME connector to the appropriate pin out.

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